Our Story

In a world full of cushions that did little to ease his pain, Alex created this cushion to fill the void.

When Alex was just 33 years old, he suffered a vehicle accident that left him paralyzed from the waist down and in a wheelchair for the rest of his life. Not long after, he began dealing with health problems like ulcer sores and prostate issues that he’d not faced before. His doctor explained to him that these issues were directly related to prolonged sitting, which was what he was forced to do now that he was confined to a wheelchair for mobility.

Now that the problem was spelled out, Alex decided he was going to do something about it. As an entrepreneur and not someone who was willing to see his disability as a limitation on his life, he worked towards the goal of living just as he had before the accident. To help with the issues he was now facing, he followed his doctor’s recommendation and purchased more than one of the many wheelchair cushions available on the market.

Thus began his love/hate (though more of a hate/hate) relationship with wheelchair seat cushions.




Months passed, along with many trials with many different cushions and cushion styles, but nothing seemed to work. Alex did not see any improvement with any of his issues. In fact, some of them got worse, especially when he tried to stick to his plan of living like he did before he was hurt.

In 2015, Alex planned a vacation to Paris for his family as a celebration for his youngest son’s bar mitzvah. Air travel, especially international air travel was problematic for him in more ways than he imagined. With cabins not made for people with handicaps such as his, it was no surprise when the 5 hour flight became both painful and troubling as new sores developed.

The result of the long flight and lacking accommodations meant that the vacation was ruined for the entire family. Alex, because of the new ulcers and his inability to prevent or care for them aboard the plane, caused him so much pain that he spent the entire time in Paris on his stomach, hurting.

It was in that moment that he decided to take control.

Not one to let things get him down without a fight, Alex worked hard on developing a number of prototypes for wheelchair cushions that would not only help him recover, but prevent issues in the future. The result was a cushion that was both comfortable, as well as practical and affordable, and one he would never have to suffer again with.

That same cushion is now available to others in similar situations, in the hopes that sores and the pain that comes from sitting constantly could be addressed and ultimately prevented.