About Buckwheat Hulls Cushion

Relief for issues caused by prolonged sitting is finally here:

  • Pressure sores
  • Prostatitis
  • Back Pain
  • Sciatica Pain
  • Buttocks pimples
  • Ulcer sores

Most of these issues are caused because of the warm conditions created by sitting for a long time in one spot. The area starts to sweat and inevitably bacteria is created. This bacteria can lead to painful ulcers and sores that can last for an extended period, especially if the conditions in the area never change.

Pain in the back and sciatica are the direct result of sitting on a solid surface for a long period of time. Direct pressure on the tailbone can affect posture and compress the back, leading to cronic pain.

Thankfully the answer to all of these problems can be found in the MUSTA wheelchair cushion. Because the cushion uses buckwheat hulls as filling, airflow is dramatically improved and support is as well. Hulls have a naturally hollow, 3-D shape that allows the air to flow freely inside the cushion to maintain a cool and dry environment. This directly prevents the formation of sores and ulcers.

Because of the particular hulls used, they pull together in such a way as to offer solid support without being too firm, and a comfortable softness without being too soft. The hulls don’t compress over time, allowing the cushion to maintain its shape and support over a long period of time. Instead, they adjust to the form you provide. This reduces the pressure placed on the tailbone when sitting, allowing for less compression of the spine and as a result, less pain in the back, hips, and sciatica.

Countless research studies, including a recent study done by Cornell University, shows that it is often better to sit on a harder surface than it is a softer one. Studies done in countless hospitals across the country also show that softer options and materials can actually lead to cross contamination. In fact, there is mounting evidence that softer surfaces can play a bit part in harboring harmful bacteria and viruses, which can then be spread.

By nature, buckwheat hulls are anti-bacterial and germ-free.

Beyond the hulls themselves, MUSTA’s fabric was also designed with the person in mind. It is developed to assist in maintaining healthy blood circulation by offering gentle pressure point micro-massaging via many tiny ‘dots’ that cover the cushion. Likewise, the same fabric helps to keep the cushion in place, regardless of the surface it’s placed on, when these ‘dots’ act as a kind of velcro that keeps the cushion from moving.

Built to make the lives of those with seating needs easier, the MUSTA cushion incorporates everything to make life simple and healthy for those who need just a little support to live life to the fullest.